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Using One Language to Go Global



At Nissin, English fuels global expansion through local favorites. To learn more, click here: http://bit.ly/1O1rJsl.

Nissin has been one of Japan’s leading food manufacturers since 1948 and the leader in the instant noodle market. But as Japan’s population shrinks, Nissin is taking aim at global expansion to remain on top. They have created several initiatives to expand into global markets ranging from extensive research in local cultures, to the development of new customized products, and the creation of local manufacturing sites. 

As part of this expansion effort, Nissin has made a commitment to delve deeply into each local market. Every product Nissin develops must meet their own exacting standards, while also appealing to local tastes and sensibilities. This requires research—down to visiting homes to observe authentic cooking and eating habits.

To understand the overseas market at a granular level and then communicate these learnings to their marketers and manufacturers, Nissin relies on an English-proficient workforce.

Making English a company-wide priority 

At Nissin, English is a necessity across departments, disciplines and markets. It is the key for collaboration and is the catalyst for transforming the corporation from a national favorite to an international success. Leaders at Nissin believe that fluency in English will enable them to be competitive within a global landscape. Here are just a few of the ways English proficiency is essential to Nissin’s global expansion:

• Creating Human Resources policies related to benefits and labor laws
• Understanding local tastes and food-related customs
• Communicating between Japan’s headquarters and new in-country sites

Bringing new local flavors together with well-earned recipes for success could be the winning combination for Nissin. But this is only possible through communication that rests on a common language – English.

Special thanks to Nick Harling, Kennosuke Onishi, and the Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC).