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Drug Test - Hair Specimen Testing For Drugs of Abuse

Drug Test - Hair Specimen Testing For Drugs of Abuse
Drug Test - Hair Specimen Testing For Drugs of Abuse Drug Test - Hair Specimen Testing For Drugs of Abuse

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What Omega Laboratories Offers : Hair Testing

As the worldwide leader in hair and oral fluid testing, Omega Laboratories offers: 

 Superior client service & thorough program management

 Industry-leading turnaround times

 Advanced technology & reporting solutions

 Competitive pricing when compared to the effectiveness of traditional testing methods

 Most highly recognized accreditations -Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 International Standard -College of American Pathologists (CAP) -FDA-Cleared Screening Assays -New York Department of Health Certification

Omega Laboratories, Inc. currently provides services for over 6,000 clients across the globe:

 Oil, Gas & Energy Companies

 Government, Police, & Military

 Schools & Universities

 Transportation

 Manufacturing & Industrial 

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Hair & Oral Fluid Specimen Testing For Drugs of Abuse

Hair Testing provides quantifiable results across a 90-day standard testing timeframe. Sample collection requires no special facilities and is non-invasive, with hair samples being cut close to the scalp. Hair samples cannot be substituted or diluted and are difficult to adulterate. This test is preferable for pre-employment and random screening, as it detects those who choose a lifestyle of drug use.


Company owners and those who manage understand that they have things to pay attention to when starting up a business. Ensuring productivity, employee satisfaction and quality of service are something that you should be mindful of to see to its success. Remember that in every workplace, there will and should always be space for improvement from the start and along the way. One of the things that must be taken into account is that you have to require your workers to take a drug test to determine reliability and workplace safety. Apart from that, drug testing workers is also a must in most state. But there are known advantages when requiring individuals to take the said test and here they are:

Reduces Risk for Injuries and Accidents

There are certain jobs that are dangerous to perform, even if an individual is sober. Some of these jobs include handling heavy equipment and managing production. Because of the nature of the job, the employee is required to be completely alert while he is doing the work, especially on a startup business. Preparing individuals before introducing them to the workload will make everyone feel that they are safer at the company since they know that their colleagues are able to perform their task without any interference.

More Productive at the Workplace

When someone is under the influence of drugs, he is prone to be sluggish at his work, lack focus, and has a poor judgment. There are also some cases wherein he could be tempted to commit theft and fraud just so he could supply his addiction. If you have workers who do these things, then this will affect the overall business no matter what its size might be. This is why testing is necessary so you can have a safe working environment and it can also protect your company.

Prevents Later Problems

If someone in your workplace is taking drugs, he could exhibit some behaviors that could be disruptive in the company. He could even turn into a nuisance to his co-workers and illicit additional stress. In the same way, his attitude could affect your productivity and could cost the company money in the long run. You will be facing an impending doom and will largely cost you if you don’t put a stop into it.

Promotes Harmony among Employees

In order to perform well, you need to be in harmony with your other colleagues as well as your employers. This is why test kits to use for drug testing are recommended for use by the employer to ensure that everyone is free from any substance abuse that could potentially cause a problem in the workplace and could affect the harmonious relationship being enjoyed by everyone in the company.

Gives Assistance

Not to mention, an employer who is able to identify his employees who are taking drugs may be given the assistance they require. They are able to get the help they need since they no longer have to deal with their problem on their own. Everyone else in the company gets to understand the situation and be able to lend a hand whenever it is needed. Thanks to a drug test in the workplace, employers are able to give assistance to the employee by helping him undergo a rehabilitation program. Sometimes, this is even shouldered by the employer. Don’t forget to recommend some things in preparing for a drug test. The test itself is costly and needs

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why employers are encouraged to have their employees undergo a drug test; especially when everything is starting up.

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