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Basic Info

Below is the basic information regarding the TOEIC test.

What Is It?
The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) measures the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.


Who Takes It And Why?
* Non-native English speakers take the test to demonstrate their English language skills when applying for new positions and obtaining credentials.
* Corporations use it to document progress in English training programs, recruit and promote employees, and put standard measurements in place across locations.
* English Programs use it to place students at the right learning levels, and show student progress and program effectiveness.
* Government agencies use it to document progress in English training programs and to recruit, promote, and hire employees.


Where Do People Take It?
The test is given onsite at open public sessions, and at a variety of companies and language schools around the world.


Who Accepts It?
The test is widely accepted by corporations, English language programs, and government agencies around the world.


How TOEIC help the organization?

TOEIC test questions simulate real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace. Score reports provide accurate, meaningful feedback about a test-taker's strengths and weaknesses, along with a description of the English-language strengths typical of test-takers performing at various score levels.

  • Help businesses build a more effective workforce

  • Give job seekers and employees a competitive edge

  • Enable universities to better prepare students for the international workplace

  • Relate test scores to the tasks employees may perform on the job

  • Use the descriptions to inform critical hiring and placement decisions

  • Select the employee with the English-language abilities the job requires



Comparing TOEIC Institutional And Public Testing Programs



For more information go to : https://www.ets.org/toeic